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Located in the south end of North Shandong Plains, close to Jiaozhou-Jinan Railway and Qingdao-Jinan Railway, Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group Co., Ltd. is a super large synthetic textile company engaged in cotton spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing and thermoelectricity products. Occupying an area of 1000 hektares, with gross capitals of RMB 12.5 billion, CIQ credit grade AA and ratepaying credit grade A, the company has first-class technical equipments. With production scale and economic benefits occupying the No. 1 in the cotton spinning lines of all over the country for continuous five years, the company is one of Top 500 Companies in China and 20 super large enterprises of Shandong Province. In 2002, the company realized sales income of RMB 6 billion, tax of RMB 800 million, profits of RMB 500 million and self-run export profits in foreign currency of USD 260 million, respectively increasing 48%, 36%, 36% and 73% than those of the last year. The sales income, tax and self-run export profits of foreign currency all occupied the No. 1 in the cotton spinning enterprises of all over the country. In the year 2003, the company realized a sales revenue as high as 11.43 billion RMB, an 88-percent increase over that in the previous year; a paid income tax of 1.51 billion RMB, an 84-percent increase over that in the previous year; a total profit of 0.856 billion RMB, a 75-percent increase over that in the previous year; and the total amount of foreign currency earned through exportation reaching 0.439 billion RMB, a 66-percent increase over that in the previous year.

The company has strong technical forces and abilities of producing the products with high technology contents and annex values. The proportion of cloth products with high technology content reaches 60%, shuttleless fabrics 50%, knotless yarn 100% and the proportion of combed yarn in the yarn sales reaches 85%. The company is mainly engaged in the production of various cotton yarn, cotton fabrics, polyester cotton yarn, polyester cotton fabrics, high-count and high-density fabrics, elastic fabrics, jean fabrics (normal series, elastic series, slub series), corduroy, chemical fiber fabrics, dyed yarn, dyed fabrics (high-class cotton series, double elastic series) with 10 varieties (more than 2000 kinds) and annual output of 300 thousand tons of cotton yarn and 800 million meters of fabrics. Presently, the fabrics export amount of the group occupies 80% of the gross fabrics amount and the cotton yarn export amount occupies 60% of the gross cotton yarn amount. As an internationally famous product of Shandong Province, Weiqiao brand products cover more than 20 countries and regions including America, Japan and Europe for their high class, good quality and complete specifications. Weiqiao Textile Shares Co., Ltd. passed ISO9001 authentication and ISO14001 authentication. Its export-oriented cotton yarn all reach the international Uster 97 level, eligibility ratio of exported cotton fabrics reaches 99.2% and commodities inspection of exported products has kept 100% for years.

The company has been awarded as one of National Top 10 Industrial Companies, Advanced Profit Company in the National Industrial System, Top Company in the National Industry, Transportation, Finance and Trade System. It won the No. 1 in 1996-1998 of the National Industrial Tax Company, in 1999 Advanced Company in National Spiritual Civilization, in 1997-2002 Advanced Group in the National Textile Industry System and National Supply and Marketing Cooperation System, in 1998-2002 Advanced Production Enterprise of National Self-run Export Business and in 1998-2002 Top Enterprise with Best Economic Benefits in National Cotton Spinning Lines. Chairman Zhang Shiping is national labor hero and representative of 9th and 10th National Peoples Congress Council, enjoying the special allowance of the State Department.
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